Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Return of the Blogger

It's been quite some time (almost five months) since I last posted on the blog.  It's been a busy time, adjusting to a new infant and managing a rambunctious toddler, but we're finally settling into what will have to pass for a routine under the circumstances. 

A major reorganization project in my basement has left my genealogy files in quite a shambles.  On the plus side, when the project is done, I will have a better space overall, and I won't have to haul my files and laptop to the kitchen table to work, only to have to hurry to put everything away when my work time is over, so as to keep my files from the clutches of my toddler son. That's progress.

I haven't been completely idle in this intervening time.  I've managed to sort a few boxes of loose papers into folders by family so that they are accessible at the appropriate time.  And I've continued to integrate the work my wife has done over the past ten or so years into my database, citing sources, organizing the files and figuring out what other documents might be available to tell those stories.  I know that there are some interesting stories to be told about her family from helping her with her research over the years, but those stories require information, organiization and documentation to become anything more than just a family legend, so it might take some time before I get them told. 

I've also kicked my Twitter usage up a notch, following (with some reciprocity) all manner of interesting genealogy-related people.  It's interesting to hear what the genealogical community has to say on all manner of topics.  Dick Eastman's feed is particularly illuminating, as it generally links back to articles on his blog.  If you are on Twitter, he's worth a follow (@dickeastman). 

Updates will be coming more frequently now.  Until next time, stay safe and keep climbing those (family) trees.