Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A quick follow up on Christopher McNally

I had a request to post the complete picture from which I cropped the photo of Christopher.

Back Row: Hilda Kennedy; Maggie Kennedy (Kyler); Lavina McNally Kennedy (daughter of Christopher)
Front Row: Collie Kennedy; Christopher McNally; Bessie Kennedy (Reed)

I cannot vouch for the names, but they look reasonable based on what I know about the Kennedys.  Thanks again to Deb Pfieffer for sending me this photo, along with a few others of some of Christopher's descendants through his son Edward.  I'll post those at an appropriate time.

More soon.


  1. Hi,

    Just learned of your website tonight! My husband was Tom Kennedy and he introduced me to family history in the mid '70s. He knew 2 of his great grandmothers and started collecting family stories when he was a teenager. We did esearch when the computer was not a source! Anyhow I have files on the McNallys (and knew Lavina's daughters) and I am willing to share what I have. It might take me awhile since I will be away until mid April but I am excited to share!

    1. Hi Joanne, weclome to the blog. I believe I've seen some of your and Tom's work at the Blair County Genealogy Society library, in a writeup of the Kennedy clan. I would love to hear what stories Tom might have heard about Christopher or any of the other McNallys.