Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Brief Update

I received my AncestryDNA kit in the mail yesterday, so today I activated my kit, spit in the tube and put it out in the mailbox to make its way back to Utah for processing. In order to make the most of the test, it looks like I need to at least put up a skeleton of a pedigree chart, minimally showing my direct ancestors. 

To date, I've put almost no effort into my Ancestry tree. I am continually frustrated by the number of bad actors and name hunters that poach from the Ancestry trees and call the work their own without any attribution (or even fact checking).  Additionally, I've done considerable work gathering documents and evidence that cannot be found on, and I have no desire to let Ancestry monetize my work product.  End of rant.

So you can add to my resolutions updating my Ancestry tree.  I won't be posting any outside documentation, and my source citations may not be Evidence Explained approved (my Legacy database is another matter), but names, dates and relationships will be there.  

See you on the web.

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